Modular Wiring

Modular Wiring is not a new innovation. It has been with us for many years. It has been described as a “plug and play low maintenance system” but its talents and benefits are far greater than that.

What is it?

A factory manufactured system that is delivered to site ready for fitting. Lighting is generally in an unarmoured version whilst power is usually armoured. It is installed to a MDB (this can be via a plug and socket set up at the DB or hard wired), and from the MDB via a series of extenders and droppers to switches, sockets and lights etc. it has been reported in some trade press articles that a modular wiring installation offers a 30% labour cost saving in comparison to traditional methods.

It is also very Eco friendly as it eliminates waste and that other than installation; it requires no other works at site.

McArthurs operatives have been carrying out Modular Wiring installations since 2005. We have experience of working with many product ranges including modular wiring energy and light systems, apex wiring solutions and modular +. Our installers are a highly trained team, who have also contributed to the continuous quality improvement in developments of both the product and the installation methods. We offer the full procurement cycle, from the initial take offs, product control and storage, installation, pre commissioning, commissioning, handover documentation and client training. In addition to this where a client has chosen a self execute route, we can provide a short training and guidance course.