Hazardous area installations, inspection & testing

Our seventeenth edition, CompEx certified technicians and operatives have extensive experience and knowledge of working to DSEAR and all aspects of hazardous area installations. Within this category we have successfully completed numerous whisky maturation warehouse upgrades, spirit & fuel process control systems and power distribution networks. We can provide advice, guidance, design & install, inspection and testing for all your needs no matter if it’s a minor change to an existing plant or an entirely new facility.

CDM Principal Contractor Role

For many of the projects we are and have been involved in, the investment of equipment being installed and the production within the facility, far out values the cost of the building itself. This has brought a change in recognition of who should be appointed to what role in projects that are notifiable under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. We provide suitably trained personnel for the principal contractor role no matter the size of the project. They will be fully supported from our head office, will provide a written plan, programme of works and manage & monitor the construction phase in full compliance with CDM

Project feasibility studies and cost plans

All projects and works originate from somewhere. In today’s demanding working environments, developing and costing these can be very time consuming for plant engineering staff. We provide a service that from taking on board the original idea, we compile a detailed scope of work, specification, cost plan and offer the additional option of taking the project to completion by carrying out the installation, testing and commissioning.

Cable Pullers, installers and terminators

On most projects, there is a requirement for cables to be pulled, or in modular wiring systems, for home runs to be installed. Initially, this task was carried out by electricians and their assistants. However some years back, with the shortage of skilled tradesmen, the baton for these works was taken up by the introduction of cable pulling specialist sub contractors. We have further moved this forward, with the introduction to our services, of an in house cable squad which in addition to installing and final dressing of the cables, can provide a glanding, terminating and dead testing package.

Provision of experienced skilled labour

Most companies nowadays, have compact maintenance and facilities departments, which can quickly become over stretched, through factors such as illness and holiday periods. We provide both short and long term replacements for these occasions. With many clients we have long standing arrangements, where the same operative is engaged to cover holidays on a repeat basis, bringing with it improved site awareness and stability. We provide all categories of experienced electrical operatives from our labour pool including certified operatives.

Design and Build

One stop shopping has become the norm for some client’s way of approaching project works. To facilitate this, we have invested, in training our staff to provide this facility. Whether it is a small conversion, or a major refurbishment, our in house team, can work to what is required. When operating on a Design & Build basis, we always take cognisance of the best value for money approach, improved environmental methods, future on going maintenance and in general ,a user friendly installation. Our service provides CAD design drawings and software calculations, detailed scope of works, control philosophy write ups, bill of quantities, test certification and comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals.

Frameworks and Partnerships

Many companies, preferred procurement route ,when repeat business is anticipated, is to enter into framework and partnership arrangements, McArthurs, have substantial experience of this, which brings with it the opportunity to become team players and provide engineering solutions where needed. We currently have a variety of framework and partnerships in place with many market leaders. As part of our service, we can provide client specific “win-win” supporting framework and partnership documents. Our preferred option for these arrangements is open book.